Pilgrim’s Pride Set for Significant Growth Amid Rising Demand for Chicken

Shares of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp (NASDAQ) have demonstrated significant volatility in early trading on Tuesday. However, this volatility masks a promising future as the company is set to benefit from rising chicken demand across both full-service restaurants and fast-food chains, according to a recent report by Argus Research.

Analyst’s Optimistic Outlook

John Staszak, an analyst from Argus Research, initiated coverage of Pilgrim’s Pride with a Buy rating and a price target of $41. Staszak’s optimism is rooted in the company’s ability to generate low single-digit supply growth over the next five years, driven by a surge in demand for chicken.

Drivers of Growth: Health and Income Trends

Health-Conscious Consumers in Mature Markets

One of the primary drivers behind Pilgrim’s Pride’s anticipated growth is the shifting consumer preference toward healthier protein options. In mature markets such as the U.S. and Europe, chicken is increasingly favored over other proteins like beef, pork, and turkey. This trend is largely due to the health-conscious decisions of consumers who perceive chicken as a leaner and healthier option. The growing awareness of health and wellness continues to steer consumers towards making more nutritious dietary choices, positioning chicken as a preferred protein source.

Rising Incomes in Emerging Markets

In addition to health trends in mature markets, emerging markets present a robust growth opportunity for Pilgrim’s Pride. As incomes rise in these regions, the demand for affordable and accessible protein sources like chicken is expected to increase. Staszak highlights that income growth in emerging markets will significantly boost chicken sales, complementing the health-driven demand in developed countries.

Strategic Initiatives and Financial Position

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Pilgrim’s Pride faced considerable supply chain headwinds in early 2023, but the company is now poised for margin expansion. This turnaround is attributed to strategic adjustments and resilience in navigating supply chain disruptions. As the company stabilizes its operations, it is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for chicken.

Investment in Growth Initiatives

Pilgrim’s Pride plans to leverage its strong cash flow to fuel growth initiatives. The company is expected to exceed its capital expenditures guidance, indicating a proactive approach to expanding its production capabilities and market reach. By investing in infrastructure and technology, Pilgrim’s Pride aims to enhance its operational efficiency and meet the increasing market demand effectively.

Competitive Advantage in the Protein Market

Pilgrim’s Pride’s strategic focus on chicken aligns with broader market trends favoring poultry over other proteins. This alignment offers a competitive advantage as the company can tap into the growing preference for chicken, driven by both health trends and economic factors.

Meeting Full-Service and Fast-Food Demand

The ongoing beef shortages have further catalyzed the demand for chicken, particularly in the foodservice sector. Both full-service restaurants and fast-food chains are turning to chicken as a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Pilgrim’s Pride’s ability to supply high-quality chicken products positions it as a key player in addressing this demand.

Financial Performance and Market Position

Stock Performance

Despite the early trading volatility, shares of Pilgrim’s Pride rose by 1.6% to $35.30 at the time of publication on Tuesday. This uptick reflects investor confidence in the company’s growth prospects and strategic direction. Staszak’s Buy rating and $41 price target underscore the positive sentiment surrounding Pilgrim’s Pride’s future performance.

Robust Financial Health

Pilgrim’s Pride’s strong financial position enables it to invest in growth initiatives without compromising its stability. The company’s robust cash flow and prudent financial management provide a solid foundation for sustained growth and expansion in both mature and emerging markets.

Future Outlook

The combination of health-conscious consumer trends, rising incomes in emerging markets, and strategic investments positions Pilgrim’s Pride for substantial growth in the coming years. The company’s proactive approach to overcoming supply chain challenges and expanding its production capabilities further strengthens its market position.

Embracing Technological Advancements

Pilgrim’s Pride’s focus on leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency is a crucial aspect of its growth strategy. By embracing advancements in production and supply chain management, the company can streamline its processes, reduce costs, and improve product quality. This technological edge will be instrumental in meeting the rising demand for chicken while maintaining competitive pricing.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

As consumer awareness of sustainability and ethical practices grows, Pilgrim’s Pride’s commitment to responsible sourcing and production methods will play a vital role in its market appeal. The company’s efforts to implement sustainable practices throughout its supply chain will not only meet consumer expectations but also contribute to long-term growth and brand loyalty.


Pilgrim’s Pride is on the cusp of significant growth, driven by rising demand for chicken, health-conscious consumer trends, and strategic investments in emerging markets. Analyst John Staszak’s optimistic outlook, reflected in his Buy rating and $41 price target, highlights the company’s potential to achieve low single-digit supply growth over the next five years. By capitalizing on its strong financial position, overcoming supply chain challenges, and investing in growth initiatives, Pilgrim’s Pride is well-positioned to become a leading player in the global protein market.

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