The Netherlands’ political establishment is in crisis due to the success of the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) in recent provincial elections.

The party was formed in response to the Dutch government’s proposal to reduce nitrogen emissions in farming by 50% by 2030, a target designed to comply with EU rules.

The large farming companies can meet these targets, but smaller, family-owned farms cannot. Farmers have protested, and many believe that the real reason behind the proposal is to push small farmers out of business to allow agribusiness giants to buy their land.

This policy is part of a larger global movement to “reset” the international food system, which includes introducing sustainable agriculture, reducing nitrogen use and livestock production, lowering meat consumption, and promoting alternative sources of protein, such as plant-based or lab-grown products, and even insects.

The UN has called for a 50% reduction in global meat and dairy consumption by 2050, and other international and multilateral organizations have presented their own plans for transforming the global food system.

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