Booming Business at Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl (CPF): From Local Leader to Global Powerhouse


Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl (CPF), Thailand’s largest meat and animal feed producer, is experiencing remarkable growth. The company has recently secured significant orders for chicken products from McDonald’s Holding Co (Japan) following a food safety incident in China. Additionally, the geopolitical situation in Ukraine has indirectly benefited CPF as Russian firms turn to the company for food imports. These factors have contributed to an unexpected surge in demand, leading to substantial revenue growth and positioning CPF as a global industry leader.

New Opportunities with McDonald’s Japan

CPF’s business received a substantial boost when McDonald’s Holding Co (Japan) turned to the Thai giant for chicken supplies after a food scare involving a supplier in China. This incident led McDonald’s to reassess its supply chain and increase orders from reliable sources like CPF.

According to Adirek Sripratak, President and CEO of CPF, “We have received orders from McDonald’s. Strong demand for exports helped push up chicken prices, and the company will move orders from the domestic spot market to export to customers.”

Increased Demand from Russia

The conflict in Ukraine has resulted in Russia imposing a ban on food imports from Western countries. This embargo has driven Russian firms to seek alternative suppliers, and CPF has emerged as a key player. Adirek highlighted this unexpected opportunity, stating, “Russia is very keen to buy chicken from us. They contact us every day, and they want to secure food supplies.”

This increased demand from Russia, coupled with the orders from McDonald’s Japan, has boosted meat prices in Thailand. As a result, CPF anticipates a 15 percent revenue growth this year, surpassing its initial target of 10 percent.

Maintaining High Standards Amid Increased Demand

CPF’s success is not only due to the surge in demand but also its commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and safety. The company ensures its chickens are raised in a closed, hygienic farming system. Adirek emphasized, “All visitors are required to wear special outer clothing to prevent the spread of disease.”

This rigorous approach to quality control has allowed CPF to avoid issues that plagued other suppliers in China. The CP Group implements the same stringent standards across all its operations, ensuring consistency and safety in its products.

Global Expansion and Strategic Partnerships

CPF’s ambitions extend beyond current successes. The company is actively seeking opportunities to acquire assets in high-growth emerging markets, aiming to achieve an annual revenue growth target of 10-15 percent over the next five years.

With operations in 13 countries, including India, CPF has established a robust global presence. Foreign operations contributed 58 percent of CPF’s first-half revenue of 204 billion baht ($3.83 billion), with 36 percent coming from the Thai market and 6 percent from exports.

Strategic Partnership with Itochu Corp

One of the most significant recent developments for CPF is its $1 billion tie-up with Itochu Corp, one of Japan’s top three trading firms. This partnership is set to provide CPF with several strategic advantages. Not only will it help CPF secure lower prices for raw materials, but it will also facilitate the company’s expansion into Japan and China.

Itochu operates Family Mart convenience stores in China and other countries, offering CPF a direct channel to sell its products. Adirek noted, “Having this connection with Itochu will help us sell products in Family Mart. For Itochu, which has invested in 250 Japanese firms, this will provide an opportunity for them to expand into the Thai market because growth in the Japanese market is slower.”

Diversified Operations and Market Adaptability

CPF’s diversified operations and ability to adapt to market changes have been crucial to its success. The company runs feed businesses, farms, and food processing plants in various countries, selling products domestically to mitigate the impact of trade barriers.

This strategic diversification allows CPF to remain resilient in the face of global challenges. Whether it’s navigating trade sanctions or responding to food safety concerns, CPF’s integrated operations ensure that it can maintain supply chain integrity and meet market demands effectively.


Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl (CPF) is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, driven by strategic partnerships and increased global demand. The company’s ability to secure significant orders from McDonald’s Japan and capitalize on new opportunities in Russia has bolstered its market position. With a commitment to high standards of quality and safety, CPF continues to set the benchmark in the meat and animal feed industry.

As CPF expands its global footprint through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, it remains well-positioned to achieve its ambitious growth targets. The company’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach ensure that it can navigate the complexities of the global market, maintaining its status as a leading player in the industry.

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