Global fish consumption has been growing at an annual rate of 3.1% for decades, far outpacing both world population growth (1.6%) and meat consumption growth (1.1%).

The demand for protein from the marine environment is so high that there is little prospect of sustaining fisheries sustainability without shifting mass fish production to aquaculture (also known as aquaculture).

52% of the seafood consumed in the world comes from aquaculture. Also, global aquaculture production has grown steadily at an annual rate of 7.5% since 1970 to keep up with demand.

According to the US Food and Agriculture Organization, the growth of aquaculture has accelerated for decades, with capture fisheries, particularly in the oceans, declining in response to overfishing and associated government regulations.

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The main goal is to use fish farming to produce protein for people around the world with less environmental impact than other forms of protein production.

However, many of the negative factors associated with aquaculture are part of the footprint of this production system. Then again, the question is not whether these elements are harmful, but how much the relative damage is to the aquaculture production footprint compared to the footprint of other systems such as overexploitation of wild fish and shellfish and methane production from livestock farming.

Aquaculture is the future.

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