Alltech Coppens, a company that produces aquafeed for various fish species, claims that aquaculture is sustainable and efficient. The company focuses on producing the best quality feed as efficiently as possible, with a big focus on safety, quality, and taking care of the environment. They also invest in research to improve their products and techniques.

The CEO predicts a steady increase in raw material prices but a more stable pricing by autumn.

As climate change affects water temperatures, there is a more steady demand for fish feed, rather than a big wave of demand in summer. The CEO foresees the biggest growth in the Asian and South American markets.

Fish production is considered sustainable as it has a higher efficiency compared to warm-blooded animals and a lower CO2 footprint.

The company started replacing fishmeal and oil with raw materials 20 years ago and research is carried out in The Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre (ACAC) in the Netherlands to investigate the nutrition and feed of fish.

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