Beef is a true American staple. Statista reports that in the US alone he will produce 27.17 billion pounds of meat in 2022, making him the world’s largest beef producer and consumer.

And with the help of fast food restaurants, the average American consumes about 60 burgers a year (via SWNS Digital).

Black Angus, characterized by its charcoal color, lack of horns, and enormous presence weighing between 1,000 and 1,300 pounds (453.6 to 589.7 kg) (via Cosley Zoo) is the preferred choice.

Britannica claims the breed is related to the Galloway cattle, and although there is no real difference between the meats, over the years it has developed color mutations that allow Black Angus to become Red Angus.

According to AGDAILY, Black Angus cattle are the dominant breed in the United States, with Montana currently the largest state herder, followed by Nebraska and Texas. With over 304,577 animals registered in 2019, the question “What makes Angus beef so special?” It all boils down to meat quality.

These particular cows are known to produce flavorful, tender, juicy, well-marbled beef, and are available in classic beef stew, sous vide ribeye, and red wine braised short his ribs. Great for (via Ward’s Gainesville).

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Angus beef is carefully screened and classified as “Prime” or “Choice”. Prime Angus has a good marbling and is ideal for roasting, roasting and grilling, while Choice Angus has a lower marbling but is very tender.

Introduced into the state, they now make up 70% of the US herd (via American Cowboys).

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