Major Poultry Producer Expands Operations in Arkansas

Wayne-Sanderson Farms, ranked third in U.S. poultry production, has announced plans to build a new feed mill as part of its Danville Fresh Processing Complex in Arkansas. The $43 million project, covering 21 acres, aims to bolster its weekly feed production capacity to over 8,500 tons.

New Feed Mill to Support Local Agriculture

Designed to cater to 125 family farms, the mill promises comprehensive nutritional solutions, enhancing regional poultry farming efficiency. By sourcing corn and grain locally, the initiative is expected to significantly benefit the local economy.

Community and Economic Impact

Facility manager Toby Tapp highlighted the pivotal role of poultry farming in Yell County’s economy, noting the community’s enthusiastic support for the new construction. Local leaders have been engaged early, underscoring the project’s importance to the area.

Construction and Capabilities

The construction phase involves substantial concrete work, expected to conclude swiftly using advanced techniques. The facility, projected to be operational by April 2025, will feature state-of-the-art grain silos and is designed to meet diverse feed requirements efficiently.

Advanced Features and Efficiency

With facilities for rapid mixing and batching of various feeds, the mill is set to streamline local feed supply significantly. Equipped with modern safety and operational features, it ensures resilience against environmental challenges and power disruptions.

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