Wayne-Sanderson Farms Streamlines Operations with Layoffs in Mississippi


Wayne-Sanderson Farms, formed through the merger of Sanderson Farms and Wayne Farms in 2022, has announced the elimination of approximately 40 positions from its regional office in Laurel, Mississippi. This decision is part of a broader effort to optimize corporate structure and enhance operational efficiency.

Layoff Details

Employees affected by the layoffs, which were recently announced, will transition out of their roles over the coming weeks. The move reflects a strategic initiative aimed at streamlining operations to better support the company’s business objectives.

Corporate Restructuring

Frank Singleton, spokesperson for Wayne-Sanderson Farms, emphasized the challenging nature of the decision, citing the company’s commitment to creating a more efficient organizational framework. Despite the layoffs, Wayne-Sanderson Farms remains dedicated to maintaining an office presence in the Laurel area, with plans to consolidate operations within its main building on the office campus.

Merger Background

The merger of Sanderson Farms and Wayne Farms positioned Wayne-Sanderson Farms as a major player in the poultry production industry, combining the strengths of two significant entities. While the headquarters moved to Oakwood, Georgia, the Laurel office continued to play a strategic role in the company’s operations.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Wayne-Sanderson Farms will evaluate its long-term office space needs in Laurel, ensuring that the decisions align with both employee welfare and corporate efficiency goals. The company remains committed to supporting its workforce through the transition process and maintaining operational resilience in a competitive industry landscape.


The reduction of 40 jobs at Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ Mississippi office underscores the complexities of corporate integration and operational optimization following a major merger. As the company navigates these changes, its focus remains on fostering a sustainable and agile business framework that supports continued growth and innovation in the poultry production sector.

Final Thoughts

The restructuring efforts at Wayne-Sanderson Farms highlight the company’s proactive approach to adapting its organizational structure in response to evolving market dynamics. By aligning resources and streamlining operations, Wayne-Sanderson Farms aims to strengthen its competitive position while maintaining a supportive environment for its workforce and communities.

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