Vow announced the official opening of its first plant in the presence of New South Wales Treasurer and Energy Secretary Matt Kean. The Australian cultivated meat start-up says this is the largest cultivation facility in both Australia and the entire southern hemisphere.

“This is not a replacement for animal husbandry. It is about a product category that is completely different and better than what animals can produce.”

Vow claims Plant 1 can produce 30 tons of meat per year, the largest of its kind in the entire hemisphere. The company also announced that a second plant of this size, with 100 times the production capacity, is already under development.

Vow’s focus on unusual and novel meats, such as quail.

Vow’s co-founder, Tim Noakesmith, commented: “The team has developed an extremely delicious first product, and now we have the capability to produce it at scale. We couldn’t be more excited to announce it to the world in a month from now.” 

Last year, Vow raised $6 million in a seed round to further research, develop and manufacture unconventional cultured meats from rare species such as kangaroos and alpacas. The company’s genetic material library is reported to contain 22 different animal species.

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Source: Vegcom

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