Beef shipments expected to slow as quota reached.

The UK’s pork exports to the US totaled over 17 million pounds in the first half of this year, a whopping 74% increase from the same period last year, according to an AHDB press release.

HMRC’s latest figures show that around 5,000 tonnes of pork were shipped between January and June, proving that the US is the UK’s growing red meat export market.

America also imports 805 tonnes of beef from the UK, worth her £5.2 million. However, for the rest of 2022, as beef import quotas are met, shipments will slow and UK exporters will face tariffs of 26.4%.

British lamb is set to begin its first commercial shipments later this year and could soon complement pork and beef export volumes. “The United States remains an important market for red meat exports and we are very optimistic for the remainder of 2022,” said Susana Morris, senior export manager at AHDB.

Red meat exports to Canada also increased significantly this year, with beef shipments up nearly 58% to he 1,924 tonnes, worth 7.4 million pounds. Canada also imported her 4.8 million pounds worth of pork, up 31%, and she imported 1.5 million pounds worth of lamb, up from her £629,000 in the same period last year.


The United States and Canada continue to be the focus of AHDB’s export team, with activities taking place throughout the year to build key relationships with importers and increase shipments to both countries.

Last month, five of America’s most respected red meat importers joined his AHDB for his five-day mission to explore British lamb opportunities ahead of commercial export. During the visit, the delegation visited the NSA show in Malvern, where they met key stakeholders from the UK sheep sector and heard presentations from AHDB experts Red Tractor and the NSA.

AHDB also attended the RC Show 2022 in Toronto in May, where he will be present with two exporters, highlighting the UK’s high animal welfare standards and the sustainability and traceability of its products to potential importers. did. AHDB will return to Toronto early next year.

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