Ukrainian poultry exports reached $852.9 million last year, 18.6% more than in 2021, Ukrainian Customs Service estimates. The most important sales markets for Ukrainian poultry farmers were the Netherlands (29.6%), Saudi Arabia (25.8%) and Slovakia (7.6%).

In 2022, domestic market poultry prices will rise by nearly 10%, while export prices will rise by almost a third compared to his 2021.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian poultry farmers continued to suffer from power outages.

Ukrainian poultry farmers are switching to diesel generators to provide emergency power to their poultry farms. Karpenko said Ukrainian poultry farmers use available generators primarily to ensure power supply to hatcheries.

MHP, Ukraine`s largest poultry producer, faced complex challenges and operational disruptions after rocket attacks hit several power plants in the country, the company said in its latest quarterly report.

After the impact of these rockets, operations at some of his MHP facilities had to be temporarily suspended. From today, the MHP is operating at near full capacity again, using a combination of power from the state network, MHP biogas plants and diesel generators.

In December 2022, the company estimates MHP produced 57,000 tons of poultry compared to 69,000 tons in December 2021.

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