Danish Crown’s UK Arm Thrives Amid European Pork Crisis


Danish Crown’s UK division has experienced remarkable revenue growth, driven by unprecedented pork prices in Europe. Despite a dip in pre-tax profit, the company continues to expand its operations and invest in state-of-the-art facilities to meet rising demand and maintain its market position.

Revenue Surge Amid Pork Price Hike

Danish Crown UK reported a significant increase in revenue, reaching £610 million for the year ending September 30, 2023. This is a notable rise from the previous year’s £506 million, largely attributed to the soaring prices of pork in Europe. The surge in pork prices was triggered by a dramatic decline in pig production across Europe, resulting from weak demand in Asia, particularly China, leading to an oversupply of pigs.

Impact of Pig Shortage on European Markets

The pig shortage in Europe created a ripple effect, causing pork prices to skyrocket. The company explained, “European production of pork had to find its balance without significant exports to Asia, especially China, which caused disruption.” This disruption, coupled with inflation-driven changes in consumer behavior, led to reduced pig production and increased prices at abattoirs across the continent. Despite this, Danish Crown UK’s pre-tax profit saw a slight dip, falling to £10.5 million from £10.6 million the previous year.

Strategic Investments in UK Facilities

In response to these market dynamics, Danish Crown UK is investing heavily in its infrastructure. The company is pouring more than £100 million into a new 30,500 square meter processing facility. This advanced facility will feature highly automated production equipment and the latest processing technology, aimed at slicing and packing bacon and gammon to UK welfare and food safety standards.

Future Outlook and Competitive Landscape

Danish Crown UK anticipates a highly competitive market environment in the coming year. The company’s management is focused on business growth and capital initiatives to navigate these challenges effectively. In a statement, the company noted, “Trading in the coming year is expected to remain highly competitive across all sectors. Management will continue to focus on business growth and working capital initiatives.”

Parent Company’s Strategic Adjustments

While Danish Crown UK is expanding, its parent company has been making strategic cuts elsewhere in Europe. In April, Danish Crown announced the closure of one of its largest abattoirs in Ringstead, Denmark, resulting in over 1,200 job cuts. This decision was driven by a challenging two years for Danish pig production, with fewer pigs available for slaughter, making it difficult to maintain efficiency levels at Danish abattoirs.

Consolidating Operations and Future Investments

To address these challenges, Danish Crown is consolidating its production sites in Denmark and focusing future investments on processing its owners’ pigs into products such as bacon and pepperoni. This strategic shift aims to enhance the company’s value chain and improve profitability. Part of this strategy includes a significant investment of around £100 million in a new bacon factory near Manchester. This facility is expected to produce over 200 million packets of bacon annually and sustain approximately 300 jobs.

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Danish Crown UK’s ability to navigate the complex European pork market and achieve substantial revenue growth highlights its resilience and strategic foresight. Despite a minor dip in pre-tax profit, the company’s investments in advanced processing facilities and its focus on innovation position it well for future growth. As the global pork market continues to evolve, Danish Crown’s strategic adjustments and investments will be crucial in maintaining its competitive edge and ensuring long-term success.

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