With egg shortage warnings in the UK, farmers are facing some of the toughest times the industry has ever experienced. Some supermarket chains have started limiting the number of eggs each shopper can buy because demand is outstripping supply.

Avian flu and supply chain problems are to blame, but many farmers say the broader problem is being ignored because egg production is no longer profitable for many.

Despite empty shelves, the government says there is no need to panic. In parliament, Therese Coffey, the Secretary of State, for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “Recognizing there’s still 40 million egg-laying hens available, I’m confident we can get through this supply difficulty in the short term.”

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But many farmers say this ignores the more important issue that egg production is not financially viable for many in the long run. The Egg Producers Association demanded a price increase of 40 pence (50 cents) per 12 eggs.

They argued that this would help offset rising costs. A new study shows that one in three of her has downsized herds or left the industry altogether. Fear is the lasting effect British agriculture will have as people leave the industry.Farmers like Wood are doing their best to protect themselves from bird flu, but vaccines are the long-term solution. is expected to be developed.

Egg crisis will last beyond Christmas into 2023 say farmers due to price rows, soaring costs and bird flu as supermarkets start rationing.

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