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Discover the top 10 pork producers in the USA, including industry giants like Smithfield Foods, Tyson Foods, and JBS USA Holdings. Explore their annual production volumes, market share, and commitment to quality, making them key players in the American pork industry. Stay informed about these industry leaders with our comprehensive ranking report.

Top US 10 Pork Production Companies


The pork industry in the United States is a dynamic sector with numerous players, and understanding its key players is crucial for consumers, investors, and industry enthusiasts. In this report, we present the top 10 pork producers in the USA, providing valuable insights into their production capacities, market share, and economic contributions. By ranking these companies based on industry criteria, we aim to provide information that ranks high on Google search results, ensuring easy access for those seeking information about the leading pork producers in the country.

  1. Smithfield Foods, Inc. – Leading the Pork Industry
  • Smithfield Foods, a subsidiary of WH Group, is recognized as the largest pork producer in the USA.
  • Headquarters: Smithfield, Virginia
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 16 million hogs
  • Smithfield Foods maintains a prominent presence in both domestic and international markets.
  1. Tyson Foods, Inc. – A Global Meat Processing Giant
  • Tyson Foods, headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, stands as one of the world’s largest meat processing companies, including pork production.
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 10 million hogs
  • Tyson Foods is renowned for its vertically integrated supply chain and diverse product portfolio.
  1. JBS USA Holdings, Inc. – A Powerhouse in the Pork Industry
  • JBS USA, a subsidiary of the Brazilian meatpacking giant JBS S.A., is a significant player in the US pork industry.
  • Headquarters: Greeley, Colorado
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 7 million hogs
  • JBS USA commands a substantial share of the domestic market.
  1. Seaboard Foods, LLC – Committed to Excellence
  • Seaboard Foods, headquartered in Merriam, Kansas, is a leading integrated food company dedicated to pork production.
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 5 million hogs
  • The company is known for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and animal welfare.
  1. Triumph Foods, LLC – Ensuring Quality Pork Products
  • Triumph Foods is a cooperative of pork producers, prioritizing the production of high-quality pork products.
  • Headquarters: St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 6 million hogs
  • Triumph Foods operates a state-of-the-art pork processing plant and exports products globally.
  1. Clemens Food Group, LLC – A Tradition of Quality
  • Clemens Food Group, a family-owned company based in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, has a robust presence in the pork industry.
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 3 million hogs
  • The company emphasizes sustainability and innovation in its operations.
  1. Seaboard Triumph Foods, LLC – A Partnership for Success
  • Seaboard Triumph Foods, a joint venture between Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, focuses on pork processing.
  • Headquarters: Sioux City, Iowa
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 6 million hogs
  • Known for its high-quality pork products and extensive export activities.
  1. The Maschhoffs, LLC – Family-Owned Excellence
  • The Maschhoffs, one of the largest family-owned pork producers in the USA, operates farms nationwide.
  • Headquarters: Carlyle, Illinois
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 3 million hogs
  • The company prioritizes animal welfare and quality.
  1. Prestage Farms, Inc. – A Commitment to Quality
  • Prestage Farms, a family-owned company headquartered in Clinton, North Carolina, engages in various aspects of pork production.
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 2 million hogs
  • Known for its dedication to quality and food safety.
  1. Christensen Farms – Sustainability and Community
  • Christensen Farms, a family-owned and operated pork production company, is headquartered in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.
  • Annual Pork Production: Approximately 3 million hogs
  • The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability and community involvement.

Conclusion to Pork Industry Rankings

The top 10 pork producers in the USA are pivotal players in the nation’s pork supply chain, catering to both domestic and international demand for pork products. Their utilization of advanced technology and commitment to sustainability ensures the production of high-quality and safe pork. As the pork industry continues to evolve in response to consumer preferences, market dynamics, and global trade, these companies remain at the forefront, making their contributions indispensable.

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