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Top 10 Largest Meat Producing Countries 2023

Dive into the 2023 report on the world’s top meat-producing countries, exploring comprehensive data and trends in beef, pork, poultry, and lamb production. Gain insights into the leading nations’ output volumes, industry challenges, and environmental impacts, crucial for stakeholders in agriculture, trade, and sustainability. Stay informed about the latest developments in global meat production and its future outlook.

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Global Overview of The World’s Top Meat Producers

  • Meat Production Trends: Global meat production has been increasing over the years, driven by population growth and changing dietary preferences.
  • Environmental Impact: Meat production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water usage.

Annual Meat Production Volumes by Country and Type (as of 2023)

United States

  • Beef: Approximately 12 million metric tons annually.
  • Pork: Around 11 million metric tons.
  • Poultry: Over 22 million metric tons.


  • Pork: China leads global pork production with over 54 million metric tons.
  • Poultry: Around 20 million metric tons.
  • Beef: Approximately 6 million metric tons.


  • Beef: Around 10 million metric tons.
  • Poultry: About 13 million metric tons.
  • Pork: Approximately 4 million metric tons.

European Union

  • Pork: Approximately 23 million metric tons.
  • Poultry: Around 15 million metric tons.
  • Beef: About 7 million metric tons.


  • Buffalo Meat: Significant producer, but exact figures vary.
  • Poultry: Growing production, with several million metric tons annually.


  • Pork: Around 3 million metric tons.
  • Poultry: Approximately 4.5 million metric tons.


  • Beef: About 2 million metric tons.
  • Lamb and Mutton: Significant producer, with figures around 600,000 metric tons.


  • New Zealand: Known for lamb and mutton, with production around 500,000 metric tons.
  • Argentina: Beef production of about 3 million metric tons.

Global Overview

  • Total Global Meat Production: Exceeds 330 million metric tons annually, with poultry being the most produced meat type.

Major Meat Producers By Types of Meat

  • Beef: The United States, Brazil, and Australia are key players.
  • Pork: China leads, followed by the EU and the United States.
  • Poultry: The United States, Brazil, and China are major producers.
  • Lamb and Mutton: Australia, China, and New Zealand are significant producers.

Export Markets

  • Global Trade Dynamics: Major exporters like Brazil, the United States, and the EU play a crucial role in the global meat trade.
  • Import Markets: Countries like Japan, China, and many in the Middle East import substantial quantities of meat.

Challenges and Future Outlook

  • Sustainability Concerns: There is increasing pressure to make meat production more sustainable.
  • Alternative Proteins: Growth in plant-based and lab-grown meat as alternatives.
  • Impact of Diseases: Outbreaks like African Swine Fever (ASF) and avian influenza impact production.

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  • Summarize the current state of global meat production and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.


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