Wales is surrounded by the sea on three sides and its coastal communities, like Nefyn, have a long history of fishing and maritime heritage. However, this heritage is at risk of disappearing as the fishing industry in Wales is on life support.

In 2021, the active fishing fleet in Wales consisted of only 249 vessels, representing only 1% of the total UK landing value.

The total income of Welsh fishers in 2021 had fallen 12% year on year. The value of the Welsh catch fell by nearly a third, 30%, in 2021.

The aquaculture sector in Wales has also suffered, with a 98% decline in the value of Welsh mussels due to Brexit.

Overall, farmed finfish and shellfish saw an 82% fall in value between 2019 and 2021.

This fall is reflected in the processing industry, with only 28 Full Time Equivalent jobs in the processing sector in Wales. The sector is facing a terminal decline unless urgent action is taken to arrest this extraordinary deterioration.

The Welsh Government has shown little concern for these sectors, and it is difficult for those in the industry to get any form of support and have their voices heard.

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