UK vendors of fish and chips – the classic cheap British meal – are turning to Scandinavia to supply fish that is becoming ever more expensive in the face of rising costs.

The catering sector is facing rising energy bills and rising commodity prices (cooking oil, potatoes and fish) as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions, Belga News Agency reports. The National Federation of Fried Fish Vendors (NFFF) is therefore asking for help from Norway.

“Most Norwegian ship owners cut off the heads of the fish and remove the intestines, after which the goods are sent elsewhere for processing,” says Andrew Crook, president of the Federation. “I hope I can convince them to provide fish fillets for our industry. We must do everything to keep prices under control.”

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the price of a kilo of Icelandic cod has more than doubled since October, from £7.80 to £16 (€18.72); the cost of potatoes has risen by 30% . The Federation is also asking the government to reduce VAT. It fears that, without support measures, up to a third of fish and chip shops will soon go out of business.

Source: Brusseltimes

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