Highlighted by INTERPORC during the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, meat and processed pork is one of the product lines with the lowest percentage of waste in Spanish households. This is mainly due to its versatility and speed of preparation, which means it can be used and used in multiple recipes.

Fighting food waste means fighting climate change by supporting your family’s economy and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. In this sense, INTERPORC promotes recipes that help combat food waste, develop efficient consumption guidelines and allow leftover products to be used in other equally appetizing and healthy preparations.

The swine sector has already initiated and developed numerous initiatives and actions focused on improving the environment in production, industrial transformation and marketing activities. As a result, the impact of pollution has decreased significantly in recent years.

In fact, few agro-food sectors have made as much effort and progress in protecting the environment as Spain’s pig farming sector, which is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption year after year. This is all thanks to the incorporation of innovation and continuous improvement in the activities of all actors in the food chain by sector and the small amount of waste generated from their products.

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