South African poultry calls to re-new anti dumping duties

The biggest threat to South Africa’s poultry industry is “unfair trading practices by countries that dump agricultural products on South Africa’s coast, such as Brazil, Ireland, Spain and Denmark,” said the South African industry group South Africa Poultry Association. GM Izaak Breitenbach.

South Africa’s International Trade Control Board (ITAC) is considering imposing five-year anti-dumping tariffs on these countries, but provisional anti-dumping tariffs are from December to June 14, 2021. It was valid until that day. He states that these temporary tariffs have expired and have not yet been renewed.

As of June 12, Ebrahim Patel, Director of Trade and Industry Competition, responds to the ITAC report citing significant damage to the local poultry industry as a result of unfair trade practices in these countries. Breitenbach says he has 60 days to respond. “Without provisional or permanent tariffs, the local poultry industry is at stake and the negative effects are already measurable,” he said. “South Africa is now open to predatory trade from other countries, and the progress made towards the goals of the Poultry Sector Master Plan is at stake.”

Allowing continued dumping is at stake. It undermines the pillars of the Poultry Master Plan, endangering and endangering the South African poultry industry, which is a strategic asset of Rand 56 billion, ”explains Breitenbach. He argues that without these tariffs, South Africa’s poultry industry could be systematically dismantled. “Dumping threatens national food security, while lack of import tariffs can cost jobs, which in turn increases poverty and hunger,” he says.

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