Brazil’s poultry industry is strong, but high production costs are having a negative impact.

SIAVS International Poultry & Pork Show

However, chicken exports are very strong, with 32% of production being exported to more than 150 countries at a rate of about 400,000 tonnes per month. Exports are a great help in balancing costs. Based on the fact that chicken is the most easily produced protein in terms of nature and sustainability, this year SIAVS promotes sustainable production and global food security.

Brazil wants to show that Latin America is a country ready for production when the world sees the origin of animal proteins in people born by 2050. The region’s climate, water and grain availability guarantee global food security. Brazilians say they want to complement the local industry and secure supply in the future.

A visit to SIAVS is worth it. Over 100 conferences, egg symposiums and sustainability symposiums will be held. But from my personal point of view, arguably the only experience worth attending SIAVS is the “CEO Panel”. This time, the CEOs of JBS, BRF, Aurora and San Salvador, some of the world’s largest animal protein companies, have already been identified in this panel. They talk about their experience and their impressions of the future of the industry.

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