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Saudi’s poultry plan to be self sufficient by 2025

Saudi Arabia aims to achieve 80% poultry self-sufficiency by 2025 and plans to invest 17 billion riyals ($5 billion) to boost poultry production, Saudi news agency reported. By targeting 1.3 million tonnes of tonnes of broilers annually, the ministry will ensure national food security, increase local content and create employment opportunities, said Abdurrahman Al-Fadry, Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

The move follows poultry meat self-sufficiency soaring from 45% in 2016 to 68% in 2022. said Al-Fadry. In this regard, Ibrahim Qassem, director of animal resources services at MEWA, told CNBC Arabia that the number of livestock projects he had exceeded 980 in all regions of the kingdom.

However, due to global factors reflected in livestock prices, feed prices have risen by more than 90 percent, Kasem said. He added that ARS has developed an initiative to study and manage animal diseases, reducing casualties by 25 percent.

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Source: Arab News

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