plant based meat lable ban

First country in EU places bans

France becomes the first country in the EU to ban `meaty’ terms on plant-based products after increasing pressure from meat industry France has announced its controversial ban on plant-based meat terms. Words such as `sausages` and `bacon` will no longer be allowed to describe plant-based meat alternatives, with the exception of `burger`.

France is the largest producer of beef in the EU and the 7th largest in the world. The meat and farming industry heavily backed the ruling, however, the ban claims it`s intended to reduce `confusion` for shoppers. Published on Thursday, the decree reads: “It will no longer be possible to use terms proper to sectors traditionally associated with meat and fish to designate products not belonging to the animal world. “What`s more, the ban will not affect imported products for the time being, but French producers will have to abide by the new censorship ruling. France`s ban will come into effect in October.

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Can plant based meat be the solution to greenhouse gas emission?

According to food awareness organization ProVeg International, the French decree banning “meaty” names for plant-based foods will only serve to “encourage the animal agriculture industry at a time when the consumption of meat needs to be reduced. “In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Jasmijn de Boo, Vice President of ProVeg International, said: “When those responsible for one fifth of all GHGs globally are allowed by governments to increase their share of emissions, pollution, land, water and animal use, by actively making it harder for consumers to make informed and lower-carbon choices.

“We need to ask our politicians some tough questions. The fossil fuel industry needs to be reformed, and so does the meat, dairy, egg and seafood industries.” “You won`t see anything more delusional today!” Taking to social media, Nicolas Schweitzer, Co-Founder of French alt-meat brand La Vie, shared: “You won`t see anything more delusional today!” After pushing for the reindustrialization of France, the government has just passed a decree pushing us to relocate. “Schweitzer argued the government`s decision comes at a time when we need to find sustainable meat alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint. Moreover, similar bans are happening across the globe.Most recently, South Africa announced they too are banning vegan products that include `meat` labels.From June 22nd, any food items using traditional names to describe plant-based meats will be removed from the shelves.Several organisations have criticised the country`s move, with some labelling it as a “huge step backwards.”In a statement, Country Director at ProVeg South Africa, Donovan Will, said: “Regulations such as this one are exactly what we don`t need when the world`s scientists are telling us we urgently need to reduce our meat consumption to help brake dangerous global warming.”

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