Plant Based Meat

A new study found high demand for plant-based meat and consumer acceptance in many African countries, especially Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt. This result suggests a viable market-based solution to mitigate the effects of increased meat consumption and accelerate the fast-growing alternative protein sector across the continent. “Population growth around the world, especially in Africa, shows that food security challenges are imminent.”

A new study by the US-based North Mountain Consulting Group and the South African Credence Institute shows that Z It turns out that four out of every five generations and millennials are in Kenya. Nigeria is likely to try plant-based meat, and Egypt is likely to be tried by 3 in 5 people. Africa has historically been vulnerable to food security turmoil, and plant-based solutions are a potential source of improved food security.

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Data show that Kenya offers the most promising opportunities for plant-based meat adoption, as low- and middle-income households are the major emerging markets for alternative proteins in each country and many consumers are limiting meat consumption. Indicates that you are doing. Nigeria also offers a high level of acceptance in countries with high meat consumption. Adoption rates in Egypt are relatively modest, but it may be beneficial to use more supermarkets to incorporate alternative meat options.

Alternative proteins are said to help mitigate the effects of population growth “Population growth around the world, especially in Africa, presents an urgent challenge to food security. Our study shows , Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt explored the potential for alternative protein adoption. ” Keri Szejda, Senior Research Scientist, North Mountain Consulting Group.


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