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A new book is making waves about why an all-plant-based diet won’t improve your health and save the planet. I will delve into the notion that there is and prove why it is misleading. Every day, consumers are bombarded with messages that they need to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy from their diets.

Buxton attempts to answer two “what if” questions.

What if the ubiquitous message that plant-based diets improve our health and save the planet is misleading or wrong?

What if eliminating animal products from our diets poses a serious threat to human health and is a herring in the fight against climate change?

Drawing on the work of experts and researchers, it reveals how the individual efforts of a collection of individuals, businesses, and organizations are leading the planet on a nutritional path that profoundly impacts health and well-being for the future of the planet.

Their ultimate goal is not to adopt an anti-plant or anti-vegan agenda, but to empower consumers to make more informed choices about the foods they eat. Ambassador for The Real Food Campaign and Public Health Collaboration, two UK-based organizations focused on improving public health through nutrition issues and better lifestyle choices.

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