Pilgrim’s UK has announced plans to close its Bury St Edmunds and Coalville sites. This puts more than 600 staff at risk of layoffs.

The pork giant has launched a talent consultancy on plans to switch production at its Ashton factory to a four-day work week pattern, plus he has 35 jobs at stake.

Last week, Pilgrims announced in its annual report and financial statements that he posted an operating loss of 16 million for the fiscal year ended December 26, 2021.

But the supplier, which is part of JBS’s own US-based Pilgrim’s Pride group, also stressed that the business is “on track” with a recovery plan that “starts to pay off.” Third quarter of the year.

However, in a statement issued on Tuesday, the company said its recovery plans had also found that “some sites were significantly underutilized in terms of operability and capacity”, citing Bury St Edmunds and Coalville’s proposed closure of the site confirms that the company’s “operational footprint across the UK is fully streamlined”.

Pilgrim’s UK posts £16m loss but promises strong recovery.

“The decision to propose the closure of our site and jeopardize a number of our positions at Ashton was not taken lightly, but we regret to inform you that we will continue to help our business recover and remain safe across the UK. It is essential to ensure a sustainable future for all our team members,” said Rachel Baldwin, Vice President Human Resources at Pilgrim’s UK.

Existing operations at Bury St Edmunds and Coalville will be moved to her Pilgrim’s other UK sites in Corsham, King’s Lynn, Linton and Andover to ensure customers continue to receive quality service and products. said the supplier.

The proposed job cuts threaten about 290 workers at Bury St Edmunds and about 350 at Coalville, and her 35 jobs at Rilsk, Ashton.

Within days after the election of employee representatives, the company will enter into joint consultations with all affected employees. During this process, staff will have the opportunity to request that he be relocated to another location within Pilgrim’s UK network, the company said.

“Obviously, this announcement will have a huge impact not just on our sites, but on the communities that surround them,” added Baldwin.

“We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact of these proposals and are working closely with local governments and agencies to support our team members in what we know is going to be a very difficult time.

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Source: UK Grocer

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