Pilgrim’s Pride Begins Settlement with Broiler Growers: A Closer Look


In a significant development for the poultry industry, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. has initiated a settlement with thousands of broiler chicken growers. The settlement follows a class action lawsuit overseen by Judge Robert J. Shelby of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma. This case, involving allegations of wage suppression through conspiratorial agreements, marks a crucial moment in the ongoing scrutiny of the practices within the poultry sector.

The Class Action Lawsuit

The lawsuit, which has garnered widespread attention, involves 24,354 broiler chicken growers who allege that Pilgrim’s Pride, along with other poultry companies, engaged in a conspiracy to suppress their wages. The growers claim that since at least 2008, Pilgrim’s Pride participated in agreements designed to prevent competitive wage increases. These agreements, referred to as No-Poach Agreements (NPA) and Information Sharing Agreements (ISA), are at the heart of the allegations.

Court Proceedings and Settlement Progress

On June 25, 2024, Judge Robert J. Shelby confirmed that Pilgrim’s Pride had reached a settlement with the growers. The details of the settlement are still being finalized, with Judge Shelby directing the parties to file a joint status report within 14 days. This report will outline the steps towards finalizing the settlement agreement, bringing closure to the long-standing dispute.

Background on the Allegations

The plaintiffs in the case have presented documents suggesting that Pilgrim’s Pride and its co-conspirators utilized NPAs and ISAs to manipulate wage levels. By preventing competitive hiring and sharing wage-related information, these agreements allegedly kept growers’ wages artificially low. This practice, if proven, constitutes a significant violation of antitrust laws, aimed at ensuring fair competition and labor practices.

Settlements by Other Poultry Companies

Pilgrim’s Pride is not the only company implicated in these allegations. Over the past few years, other major poultry businesses have also settled similar claims. Tyson Foods Inc. settled for $21 million in 2021, while Perdue Foods agreed to a $14.75 million settlement. Koch Foods and other companies have also reached multi-million dollar settlements, indicating the widespread nature of the alleged conspiratorial practices.

Implications for Pilgrim’s Pride

As the only remaining defendant in this case, Pilgrim’s Pride’s settlement marks an important resolution. The settlement, once finalized, will require the company to compensate the growers for the alleged wage suppression. This move is likely to have financial implications for Pilgrim’s Pride, as well as reputational consequences in the highly competitive poultry industry.

Industry-Wide Impact

The settlements and the allegations that prompted them have significant implications for the entire poultry industry. They highlight the need for greater transparency and fair labor practices within the sector. The case has brought to light the potential for anticompetitive behavior and the importance of regulatory oversight to protect the rights of workers.

Looking Ahead

The resolution of this case through settlement is a critical step towards addressing the concerns raised by the growers. It underscores the importance of holding companies accountable for their labor practices and ensuring fair treatment for all workers. As the details of the settlement are finalized, it will be essential for industry stakeholders to reflect on the lessons learned and implement measures to prevent similar issues in the future.


The settlement between Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. and the broiler chicken growers represents a pivotal moment in the poultry industry. It addresses longstanding allegations of wage suppression and highlights the broader issues of fair labor practices and antitrust regulations. As the settlement process progresses, it is crucial for the industry to commit to transparency and equitable treatment for all workers, fostering a more competitive and fair marketplace.

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