Pork and poultry continued to drive the country’s meat imports, which rose 7% at the end of August.

According to the latest data from the Livestock Industry Administration (BAI), the country imported 851.84 million kilograms of meat and meat products from January to August, compared with 795.59 million in the same period last year.

Pork imports increased by 20.56% year-on-year to 464.84 million kg, accounting for more than half (54%) of the total meat imports. This beat the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) forecast for pork.

Previously, the USDA expected pork imports to reach 400,000 tons (MT) or 400 million kilograms this year due to lower tariffs on pork imports under Executive Order (EO) 171. Under EO 171, tariffs on 15% in-quota and 25% out-of-quota pork will be extended until 31 December, lowering prices and stabilizing the domestic pork supply.

Pork cuts accounted for the highest import volume for him at 206.32 million kg, followed by hormones or offal for him at 143.56 million kg.

The top sources of pork are Spain with 154.54 million kg, Canada with 86.91 million kg and Brazil with 48.12 million kg.

Poultry was the second most important imported meat during this period, accounting for 23.73% of the total. BAI data showed chicken imports reached 244.8 million kilograms, down 5% from 260.31 million kilograms in the same period last year.

Boneless chicken was his most important import at 148.38 million kg, followed by chicken quarters at 61.8 million kg.

The top three sources of chicken were Brazil with his 135.8 million kg, the United States with his 73.3 million kg and Canada with 10.22 million kg.

BAI statistics show that beef imports fell from 111.88 million kg to 110.12 million kg. Brazil and Australia were the largest suppliers of beef with 42.27 million kg and her 28.72 million kg respectively. At the end of August, the country also imported 31.28 million kilograms of buffalo meat, down 13.6% year-on-year. 48,518 kg, down 13.19%. Lamb weighed 445,052 kg, an increase of 38.58%, while turkey weighed 304,356 kg, a decrease of 76.08%.

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Source: Philstar

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