At the end of August, Paraguay had the lowest pork prices in South America, according to a report by the Paraguay Pig Producers Association (APPC).

According to the report, Paraguay’s pig sector is valued at $1.25 per kilogram of live weight, the lowest price for animals sent to slaughterhouses in the region.

Uruguay had the best price in the region, at US$2.13 per kilo, followed by Colombia at her US$2.03. Chile is her US$1.93. Argentina is US$1.86 and Brazil her US$1.39.

The report said China, Russia and Mexico recorded prices of $3.14, $2.07 and $1.94 respectively.

Both national and regional surpluses remain a highly concerning factor for the sector as they lead to lower prices.


APPC President Jorge Ramirez said the devaluation coincided with higher production costs. He explained to La Nación newspaper that surpluses, both nationally and regionally, remain a very worrying factor for the sector, as they lead to lower prices.

This price is the lowest since January 2022 when he hit $1.40 per kilogram.

“In Paraguayan pig farming, one sector produces for export and the other for domestic consumption. He said.

He revealed that the international market pays US$1.25 per kilogram of live animal, while domestic market producers receive an average of US$0.94.

On the other hand, Ramírez commented that the cost of production is still quite high, which is why the farms continue to work with a negative balance of around 25% for each kilo produced.

Corn prices remain volatile, with some movement due to lower prices of corn, a staple of production.

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Source: Pig Process

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