New Zealand’s red meat sector posted $1.1 billion in sales in July, up 26% from July 2021, according to the Meat Industry Association.

The association’s secretary general Sirma Karapeeva said China remains a major market, with red meat exports worth $460 million, up 42% from last July.

Other major markets included Japan, where he was up 36% to $58 million. The Netherlands is his $38 million, up 132%, and the UK is her $38 million, up 97%. Exports to the US dropped 22% to his $191 million.

Rising red meat prices in global markets continue to help absorb the impact of ongoing market volatility and rising costs, Carapiva said. Overall beef exports fell by 9% year-on-year to 44,744 tonnes, but remained high for the time of year as July 2021 was a record month.

Beef exports to the US fell 50% to 9,092 tonnes as US beef production increased due to continued drought and higher feed and other input costs.

The value of beef exports this month increased 17% from last July to $485 million.

Beef exports to China increased by 66% to $251 million, while beef exports to the United States fell by 39% to $95 million.

China’s beef demand remains strong, with exports up 20% from last July to 23,690 tonnes. Beef exports in volume and value also increased 37% to Japan with 3,241 tons, worth $36 million, and exports to South Korea increased 21% to 2,223 tons, worth $21 million.

On the other hand, mutton exports also increased. A total of 33,533 tons of mutton were exported, up 33% from last July and the largest monthly volume since 2008.

According to Carapeva, the high export volume of mutton is likely due to a catch-up in processing in recent months, which is reflected in exports.

In the first quarter of this year he had 1.4 million fewer sheep processed than in his first three months of 2021, but in the second quarter he had 738,000 more sheep than in the second quarter of last year. sheep were processed.

A general increase in exports means more mutton into most major markets. China increased by 24% to 17,874 tonnes, the UK increased by 98% to 2,703 tonnes and the Netherlands increased by 118% to 1,646 tonnes. The United States fell by 29% to 1,982 tonnes.

“Although exports of mutton to the United States have declined, its value is still rising, reaching a record value of $23.31 per kilo.

“The value of mutton exports to all major markets totaled $384 million in July, up 40%.”

July was also a strong month for co-products. Exports increased 28% compared to last July to $230 million.

Values ​​in all categories, especially casing and tripe, took him up 76% to $50 million.

The main markets were China ($72 million), the United States ($50 million) and Indonesia ($18 million).

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Source: ODT

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