This approval was issued by SENASICA, the agency equivalent to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, which controls the production, import and export of food in Mexico.

This qualification is from a slaughterhouse in the state of Santa Catarina, which was the only region in Brazil to be free of foot-and-mouth disease by the World Animal Health Organization (WHOA) at the time it applied for access to the Mexican authorities.

According to ABPA President Ricardo Santin, the opening is one of the most important achievements for Brazil’s animal protein export chain.

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“Mexico is, historically, one of the top three destinations for global pork exports, with volumes close to 1 million tons. We are talking about approximately 10% of global trade. The opening is part of the measures taken by the Mexican Government to control inflation and the actions of MAPA in the sense of expanding access to our protein. In this context, Brazil reinforces its position of support to nations for food security and food supply”, emphasizes Santin.

According to ABPA’s market director, Luís Rua, Brazilian exports should be directed to Mexican processors, avoiding competition with local pork production.

“We are going to act in complementarity with Mexican pork production. Exactly in this sense, we will make efforts to expand the qualification for plants in the new areas recognized by the WHOA as free of foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination, such as Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, expanding to the maximum the capacity to supply Brazilian products to the population of Mexico”, adds the director of ABPA. 

Read: International Protein Trade Newsletter

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