In February of this year, the prices that producers received for agricultural products in Germany were 20.4% higher than they were in the same month last year.

However, this increase is lower than the increase in previous months, with a 25.2% increase in January 2023 and a 29.8% increase in December 2022.

Plant products saw a 6.8% increase in prices compared to last year, while animal products saw a larger increase of 30.5%.

The rise in plant-based product prices is mainly due to the higher cost of ware potatoes, which saw a 45.9% increase in price compared to February 2022.

On the other hand, the cost of grain increased by only 1.5% compared to February 2022.

Milk prices increased by 21.4%, and egg prices increased by 52.4% compared to February 2022. Meanwhile, animal product prices increased by 37.3%, with slaughter pig prices seeing the biggest increase of 73.5%.

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