Master Good’s main processing line runs at a speed of 15,000 bph [250 bpm], making it impossible for the human eye to measure efficiency. Nóra Moldvai-Villanyi, Master Good Production Controller, describes how the introduction of IMPAQT has helped key processes.

Nóra Moldvai-Villányi explains, “The judgments of our technical and production staff were sometimes contradictory and subjective. IMPAQT inspects each shackle individually, so reports are objective and reliable. So no more misunderstandings.”

“IMPAQT gives us a real-time picture of primary line performance.With multiple product detection points in the line, you can quickly see where the most product loss is occurring. You can choose how to prevent this loss. You can also check the results of preventive measures.”

“We use it as a trend-monitoring tool that alerts us when performance is declining in a particular area so we can respond more quickly and efficiently. Our technical department has benefited the most from IMPAQT. Nuova, LineLink DE and EC Dashboard are always there for you. They are constantly checking screens, identifying problems, and reacting quickly when units are performing poorly.”

IMPAQT has already improved the performance of Master Good. Nóra Moldvai-Villanyi continues. “The stomach, heart, and liver are very important to us. It’s important to be able to monitor closely, this screen not only shows you much improved performance across the board, but also which units are performing poorly and need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible will be immediately apparent.”

IMPAQT makes our life easier, especially when it comes to maintenance. In addition to the dashboard, the Bad Shackle report is also a must-see. Each shackle moves many birds each day. A defective hanger always leads to product loss.

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Source: Farmers Review Africa

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