According to a survey held among forwarders, traders, and shippers, even more chaos for global supply chains will be this year’s rise in cargo in the peak summer period. The survey, conducted by Container xChange, a marketplace and technology infrastructure provider for container logistics companies, positioned approximately 200 players in the container logistics industry.

The latest Container xChange survey titled “xChange Industry Pulse Survey” found that 51% of respondents expect the 2022 iteration of the peak season to be worse than last year. About 26% predicted that this year’s peak season would be less chaotic than in 2021, while 22% expect the level of chaos to be the same.

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Traditionally the peak shipping period is the third quarter of each year, as retailers build up inventories before the fourth quarter of the holiday and shopping season. Last year, cargo increases led to record container freight rates, delivery delays, port congestion, and reliability of container shipping services.

Regarding the container sourcing strategy this year, compared to pre-pandemic times, 56% said they had been “growing networks,” 38% said they had agreed to “long-term contracts,” and 25% said they had followed a “multi-tender strategy.”


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