JBS USA division of JBS SA in Brazil has received approval of his $20 million settlement from Judge John R. Turnheim of the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota in an ongoing class action lawsuit alleging price fixing of pork.

Previously, JBS USA paid indirect buyers $12.75 million and direct buyers he paid $24.5 million, reports Agri-Pulse. In total, JBS USA paid over $57 million in settlements in this case. District Court, District of Minnesota, No. 18-01776. Other defendants in this lawsuit include Hormel Foods Corp. Smithfield Foods Inc. of WH Group Ltd.; Clemens Food Group, LLC; Seaboard Foods LLC; Indiana Packers Corporation; Triumph Foods, LLC;

“This settlement provides appropriate relief in the form of $20 million in monetary compensation and JBS’ cooperation in ongoing litigation,” said court documents provided by Agri-Pulse. Financial compensation provides a significant, faster, and safer remedy for the class and eliminates the costs of pursuing litigation against JBS defendants.”

Smithfield Foods has also added more than $80 million of his to the settlement fund in 2021. To date, more than $120 million the case has been settled by the defendants.

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