JBS delves deeper into the world of alternative proteins

In this exclusive podcast interview, JBS global head of innovation and operational excellence Eduardo Noronha discusses the meat processing giant’s plans for alternative proteins across plant-based, fermented and cultivated meat. Link above.

JBS alternative meat
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Why former WWF sustainability expert joined JBS: ‘No other company has the leverage and capacity to drive sector-wide transformation’

JBS has set targets to stamp out deforestation in its supply chain and move to net zero emissions by 2040. Former World Wildlife Fund (WWF) sustainability expert Maurício S. Bauer tells us why he has decided to transition from the NGO sector and join the world’s largest meat processor on this journey.

JBS, the world’s second largest food company, aims to eliminate emissions by 2040 and zero deforestation in the global supply chain by 2035. The company is currently monitoring 100% of direct livestock suppliers for illegal Amazon logging and is beginning to adopt blockchain technology to track indirect suppliers. Announced to end illegal logging in the Amazon by 2024 and illegal logging in other Brazilian biomes by 2030. JBS believes that within five years it will be possible to eliminate deforestation from its global supply chain. Nevertheless, the environmental records of Brazilian meat giant JBS have long been scrutinized by civil society.

The World Benchmark Alliance ranks JBS 146th in its Food and Agriculture Benchmark Rankings. In terms of environmental protection, Brazilian beef majors have achieved only 8.9 out of 30 points. “The company assigns responsibility for its sustainability strategy to the highest governing bodies, but is lagging behind in setting goals for key issues and reporting progress,” the WBA said. “In the field of environmental measurement technology, JBS recognizes important issues such as protection of terrestrial natural ecosystems, animal welfare, and greenhouse gas emissions, but does not report on the activities of the entire group. Instead, it focuses on its subsidiaries. ” environmental groups such as Greenpeace have criticized the company’s environmental performance as more disruptive. For example, a recent report reports that it is the world’s largest meat. Producers have accused them of indirectly procuring cattle from malicious Brazilian farmers who have illegally set fire to clear vast lands. According to NGOs, in 2020, ranchers intentionally and illegally broke out fires, most of which destroyed about 30% of Brazil’s Pantanal rainforest, contrary to regional and state bans.

Investor network FAIRR has expressed concern that JBS is not currently monitoring third-party suppliers in the protein arena. According to FAIRR calculations, “zero-deforestation meat giants, such as McDonald’s suppliers JBS and Marfrig, monitor third-party suppliers responsible for up to 90% of deforestation from cattle sourcing. Is not”. As Brazil’s largest cattle producer, JBS’s indirect supply chain faces the problem of illegal logging. Ranches account for 80% of Amazon’s deforestation, according to World Wildlife Fund statistics. “Deforestation caused by livestock alone is responsible for releasing 340 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere each year, which represents 3.4% of current world emissions,” WWF warned. .. It is becoming increasingly clear that these links with deforestation can have significant economic implications. For example, late last year, supermarket chains in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands removed JBS beef from their shelves after a survey by Repórter Brasil, who tracked deforestation-related beef in collaboration with activist Mighty Earth at a European retail store.

Source: Food Navigator

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