Italian poultry industry collapsing & state of emergency

According to Reuters, the Italian government has declared a state of emergency in the areas most affected by the drought and quoted a government statement on Monday. He added that a cabinet meeting on this issue is scheduled for 1800 (1600 GMT).

By declaring a state of emergency, authorities can make decisions more quickly and bypass normal legislative proceedings. According to the Farmers’ Union, agricultural production will decline in major regions this year, and some parts of Italy have already declared a state of emergency to free up funds to combat the growing water crisis.

Rising input costs and weakening demand threaten the Italian poultry sector and threaten the country’s self-sufficiency in poultry meat and eggs. These comments were made by Lara Francisco, a board member of the Italian Poultry Industry Association of Una Italy, in response to data provided by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition ISMEA.

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Source: Reuters

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