In the heart of San Francisco is a wild-type pilot production facility, one of the few cell-culture fish companies in the United States. Inside, sushi-grade coho salmon are farmed in tanks similar to those used in the brewery. No fishing or farming required.

Aquaculture begins with taking a small sample of a live fish species. The cells then proliferate in large blood vessels just as they do in nature, eventually becoming the fat and lean parts of fish fillets. can be a big one.

While plant-based seafood products in the US account for only 0.1% of seafood sales – less than the 1.4% of the US meat market is occupied by plant-based meat alternatives – venture capitalists are getting serious about cell-based seafood. San Diego-based BlueNalu has raised $84.6m (£74.8m) since its founding in 2018, and Wildtype has received $100m (£88.4m) in series B funding with investments from Leonardo DiCaprio, Bezos Expeditions and Robert Downey Jr’s FootPrint Coalition, among others.

Entrepreneurs and advocates say cruelty-free cell-cultivated seafood is a solution to the seafood industry’s many environmental problems, including overfishing, health risks from mercury and microplastics, and lack of traceability.

The current unsustainable seafood supply chain typically has up to 10 to 15 intermediaries between fishers or farmers and the person who ultimately purchases it.

Even cell-cultivated skeptics agree that hi-tech seafood has a huge market potential, but they say it’s going to always be an expensive product even though costs are coming down with time. They also note that species such as salmon and tuna aren’t particularly threatened worldwide.

Sustainable seafood resources are needed to meet a growing world population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. As plant-based alternatives that look and taste like fish gain more attention, cruelty-free seafood products will hit dinner plates in the next year or two, subject to regulatory approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

However, critics say that for cell-cultured seafood to be a better choice for the planet than fishing and farming, the industry must make its expensive products cost-competitive and provide consumers with enough to replace the wild fish.

Researchers consider this unlikely given that aquaculture, the cultivation of aquatic organisms, has not replaced the world’s caught fisheries, but only complements seafood production.

California recently made the largest investment of any US state in alternative protein research. The $5 million (£4.4 million) funding will be distributed among his three schools at the University of California ( UC Berkeley, UC Davis and UCLA).

Also, as noted in a recent executive order, the Biden administration supports lab-grown meat. When grown indoors, cell cultured seafood such as salmon and tuna can be optimized for taste, texture and nutritional content. When grown indoors, cell cultured seafood such as salmon and tuna can be optimized for flavor, texture and nutritional content.

However, it is unclear whether consumers will accept laboratory-grown fish. BlueNalu recently achieved significant profitability at its first major facility, thanks to technology that reduces operating and capital costs. announced. The company says its high-end products combined with its market focus will allow for an expected gross margin of 75%.

Most alternative seafood companies do not share intellectual property and it is not known how energy intensive cell cultures are at this stage. BlueNalu’s Cooperhouse likens it to beer and beverage production and says it’s important to remember that today’s fishing industry is very resource intensive. BlueNalu and Wildtype say there is no one-size-fits-all solution to meeting global seafood demand, but they believe their presence will help make the industry more sustainable.

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