The South African government is being urged by industry leaders to take emergency measures in case bird flu spreads to Brazil, which is the country’s primary supplier of imported poultry.

The avian flu has been detected on two farms in the Paardeberg area, causing the death or destruction of approximately 120,000 birds.

Brazil is responsible for over half of South Africa’s imported poultry, and if an outbreak occurs, it could result in food price increases and put additional pressure on consumers’ finances.

The industry is calling for the government to consider implementing regional rather than countrywide bans where possible and to reinstate import permits more quickly.

However, there are concerns about the impact of such measures on local producers, and various stakeholders are proposing different solutions to mitigate the potential consequences of an avian flu pandemic.

South African further processed meat producers use approximately 16 000 tons of mechanically deboned meat (poultry) each month, which is mainly imported from Brazil.

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