Frozen chicken

Indonesian chicken slowly finding its way back to Singapore

More frozen chicken from Indonesia will arrive in Singapore next month after the first batch of 50 tonnes of frozen chicken shipped to Singapore last week. The first shipment of a product consisting of two containers of chicken was shipped by Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPI) under a new agreement by an Indonesian company to export chicken to Singapore.

The container left Jakarta on July 13 and arrived in Singapore on July 17. The cargo was delivered yesterday to Leong Hup Distribution’s fully automated warehouse on Fishery Port Road, and poultry was expected to hit the market in a day or two. Alfred Leek, Purchasing Director of Leong Hup, said.

The company said it had ordered five more containers of chicken to be delivered in August and September. Each container weighs 25 tons. Indonesian frozen chicken is larger and heavier than Brazilian and Argentine frozen chicken, so we plan to sell it to chicken rice merchants rather than supermarkets. The CPI has a contract to deliver 1,000 tonnes of chicken to Singapore by the end of the year. The value of the deal ranges from 30 billion IDRs (US $ 2 million) to 40 billion IDRs, CPI President Thomas Effendi told the media last week.

Singapore Food Agency Announcement

Shipments from Indonesia will take place after the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced on June 30 that it has approved Indonesia as a new source of chicken imports. This provided an additional source market after Malaysia banned chicken exports in May to ensure adequate supply to the domestic market.

Before the export ban, Singapore received about 34% of Malaysian chicken imports, almost all of which was imported as live chicken and then slaughtered and chilled locally. More than 20 countries, including Brazil, Thailand and Australia, are certified to export chicken to Singapore. According to the SFA, Singapore imported 214,400 tonnes of chicken in 2021. Senior Minister of Sustainability and Environment Ko Po Kuhn, who was at Leon Hoop Camp yesterday, said stalls and restaurants are adjusting their recipes to take into account the texture of frozen chicken. “I would like to thank all Singapore consumers and industry for the resilience and flexibility they have shown during this period by changing the way chicken is purchased and the recipes are used.

Keep an eye out

In the meantime, keep an eye out for food security and resilience. ” Kou Dr. Kou asked if imports from Indonesia would continue after Malaysia’s export ban was lifted. Since most of Singapore’s food comes from abroad, diversification of food sources is important for Singapore.

“The important thing is that consumers have to support this move. If consumers show sufficient demand, there will be business cases where importers will consider a variety of sources.” He said. “This may be the first shipment of frozen chicken from Indonesia, but if consumer demand is positive, companies want to expand this pipeline and find ways to import more chicken from Indonesia. You will think. “

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Source: Borneo Bulletin

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