How CP reduced power costs by 80% and is saving the planet

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CP Foods promotes eco-friendly and sustainable food production in line with the Bio Circular Green (BCG) economic model through the production of biogas in animal farms and food manufacturing plants across Thailand.

The company uses biogas to convert animal manure and wastewater into energy on all its farms, including pig farms, poultry farms and egg farms, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving it’s 20 year zero emissions plan.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the company has been treating animal manure and wastewater in its agricultural processing and food operations using biogas systems that are convert it into electricity. CP Foods pig farming operations have been piloting biogas systems for 21 years, imparting knowledge to small pig farmers to implement the systems and help combat global climate change.

The biogas plant is an important part of the green farm system initiated by the pig farming sector to make pig farms more environmentally friendly. The company’s 98 pig farms produce biogas that is converted into farm power. This not only saves pig farms 50-80% on electricity costs, but also reduces odors and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the operations provide residual and treated water to nearby farmers who want to increase their plant yield and save fertiliser costs.

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