Consumers around the world have been reducing their meat consumption since the start of the pandemic.

In 2022, the biggest drop in demand was for beef.

Even though inflation is slowing down, it’s expected that this trend will continue in some of the world’s most meat-loving countries.

In Brazil, meat consumption was on its way to hitting a record low, while in the US and UK, there has been a reduction in beef sales.

Argentina, which is known for its love of beef, is also seeing a shift towards chicken as prices for beef rise.

The declining demand for beef will impact major beef producers such as JBS SA and Tyson Foods, who also face challenges from droughts, higher costs, and increasing pressure to produce meat sustainably.

The reduced demand for beef is good news for the planet, as agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions due to livestock production.

The rise in popularity of plant-based and vegetarian eating is reflected in the success of vegan cooking schools like Made in Hackney in London.

Beef purchases in the UK have fallen by 5.8% in the past year, with steak sales dropping by 19%.

People are trading down their cuts of meat and making dishes like spaghetti bolognese with less meat and more vegetables.

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