In 2019, Hatch established a strategic center on the Big Island of Hawaii to drive innovation in aquaculture across the archipelago and the Americas.

Operating within the industrial Hawaii Ocean & Science Technology (HOST) Park and in an ongoing partnership with the Hawaii Authority’s Natural Energy Laboratory (NELHA), the Hatch Office is now a global hub for developing world-class innovations. The incubator also forms an aquaculture and technology development campus.

This incubator campus is designed to host, inspire, guide, nurture and support the world’s best aquaculture and innovation talent to solve key aquaculture and blue food sustainability challenges.

Uniquely positioned where research and development intersects with the world’s largest and most diverse subtropical aquaculture farm, the Hatch Aquaculture Incubator Platform attracts entrepreneurs and researchers from Hawaii and around the world to develop their ideas and Innovate further and build successfully.

The application process is ongoing, so candidates can submit their applications at any time. Hatch strives to attract local and international talent to leverage its platform of resources, services, insights and expert networks. Hatch is working on IP, scalable technology or innovative research and is open to anyone who has the potential to become a globally successful company.

These successful applicants will be offered an individually tailored funding program specifically tailored to their areas of focus, natural, environmental and technological needs. Teams are also assigned individual subject matter experts and mentors to help guide future progress and direction.

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