In 2021, Germany was home to 16,700,00 pet cats and 10,300,000 dogs, according to the FEDIAF report “Facts & Figures 2021.”

These companies appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Company’s Current Data, but not all had revenue figures available.

Bewital Petfood GmbH & Co. KG

Annual Revenue 2021 – $US75,000,000

Bewital Petfood GmbH & Co. KG produces super premium food for dogs and cats, operating facilities for both dry and wet food. The company maximizes the percentage of fresh meat in its dry foods using current technologies. In moist food, Bewital offers a wide variety of cans as well as pouches. Main brands Belcando dog food and Leonardo cat food are sold in 50 countries spanning the globe. Parent company Bewital Group also includes an agricultural feed division and a subsidiary transportation fleet, Westrans.


Annual Revenue 2021 – $US750,000,000

Deuerer is a private-label manufacturer in Germany that also owns several major European pet food manufacturers, including Vitakraft, Pets Choice and Villeneuve Pet Food. The company is among Europe’s largest pet food interests, with sales extending to Asia and North America.

DTC Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer

DTC Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is a major animal feed manufacturer with a petfood division and a livestock division. The total company employs approximately 600 people with a sales volume of about EUR530 million. The company’s 12 plants produce about 2.4 million metric tons of compound feed annually.


Annual Revenue 2021 – $US52,100,000

Gimborn develops, manufactures and markets premium cat and dog snacks and treats, along with clumping cat litter from its base in Germany. About 86% of the company’s revenue is generated in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Russia. Gimborn also exports to more than 40 countries. Developing markets are concentrated in Eastern Europe and Asia, including China. Gimborn also notes significant growth in online sales.

Heristo AG

Annual Revenue 2021 – $US700,000,000

Heristo AG owns the Saturn Petcare Group, which includes private-label giant Saturn Petcare and Animonda Petfood. With manufacturing plants in Bremen and Blaufelden, Germany, Hattern, Netherlands, and Terre Haute, Indiana and more than 1,000 product offerings.


Annual Revenue 2021 – $US70,000,000

Interquell manufactures Happy Cat and Happy Dog, the second-best-selling dog food brand in Germany. The company’s products are sold in more than 66 countries, and the company operates six extruders at its plant. Interquell is also involved in the production of grains for human consumption.

PetCom Tierernahrung GmbH & Co. KG

PetCom Tierernahrung GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Germany in 2006 as a subsidiary of PHW Group. It is a dry pet food manufacturer for the private-label segment, offering a range from economy to super premium products. The company uses raw materials that are GMO-free, traceable and of sustainable origin.

Rondo Food

Annual Revenue 2021 – $US186,360,000

Rondo Foods is a private-label manufacturer specializing in the production and distribution of treats for dogs and cats, operating two production facilities. Forms include extruded, dried/formed meat, injection molded, formed pockets and specialty products.

Vitakraft Pet Care GmbH & Co.

Annual Revenue 2021 – $US190,750,000

Vitakraft Pet Care develops and produces more than 2,500 branded food snacks and other pet care products for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, hedgehogs and ferrets. Acquired by Deuerer in 2013, Vitakraft works with local sales companies in 19 countries around the world to stock more than 50,000 retail locations.

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