The FAO’s recent report on food product outlooks for 2024 highlights a diverse landscape in the livestock sector, with varying production trends across different regions. Here are the key findings:

Overall Meat Production Trends:

  • Global animal protein production is expected to reach 371 million tons by next year.
  • Most regions are expected to see positive growth, except Asia, where a decline is projected due to reduced pork processing in China.

Poultry Leading the Way:

  • The poultry sector, specifically chicken meat, is expected to see the most significant increase.
  • The FAO predicts a 0.8% year-on-year growth, adding 1.1 million tons to reach a total of 146 million tons.
  • This growth is driven by strong consumer demand, affordability of chicken meat, and challenges such as outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.

Beef Production on the Rise:

  • Beef production is set to rise by 0.7% in 2024, adding 0.5 million tons.
  • This growth is attributed to the availability of cattle for processing, but economic gains are not expected to be significant due to high beef prices.

Pork Prospects in China:

  • Global pork production is projected to decrease by 0.9%, primarily due to China’s efforts to control oversupply and stabilize prices.
  • This decline is expected to be approximately 1.2 million tons compared to 2023.


  • Poultry meat consumption is expected to remain strong, with total consumption reaching 91 million tons by 2032.
  • The top 3 producers of poultry meat, China, Brazil, and the USA, are expected to continue being key players in the international market.
  • The FAO’s report provides valuable insights for policymakers, producers, and consumers as they navigate the evolving landscape of meat production.

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The FAOs recent report on food product outlooks for 2024 highlights a diverse landscape in the livestock sector 1
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