The Ukraine/Russia war is still impacting EU poultry meat imports and exports, but there are signs of possible production recovery later in the year.

The EU suspended import duties and quotas on Ukrainian exports, which helped alleviate economic pressure on Ukrainian agriculture. However, EU agricultural imports from Ukraine put pressure on regional markets such as poultry meat and fed grains.

Last year, EU imports grew by 15%, but this may be lower this year due to uncertainty surrounding Ukraine’s production.

EU exports declined by 9% due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The latest EU Agriculture Short-Term Outlook noted a decline in EU poultry production of 1.7% last year, driven by declines in major producing countries such as France and Italy.

The report suggested that EU broiler prices have been increasing due to tight supply and good demand, and some production recovery could take place this year.

However, lower competitiveness of EU exports will continue due to the Ukraine/Russia war and increased imports from Brazil, which is more competitive for feed and energy.

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