The rise and rise of egg prices in the US

Many food items have gone up in price this year. But it falls short of rising egg prices.

Not adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, egg prices rose 49% through November, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Since the beginning of the year, deadly bird flu has decimated poultry numbers, especially turkeys and laying hens, which is one reason for the relentless price hike. However, the situation is exacerbated by high demand in supermarkets and rising feed and energy costs for producers.

Experts believe the peak has been reached, but egg prices in grocery stores are expected to remain high until these conditions improve.

Avian flu has been a problem in the US for several months now, but in recent weeks wholesale prices have been hitting records.

About 60 million birds have been culled, according to the USDA. Thats 43 million are egg-laying hens.

Even at these high prices, sales of eggs have only dropped 2%, according to data from IRI market research.

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