The Dutch government on Wednesday ordered poultry farmers to confine birds in a bid to stem the spread of a highly contagious strain of bird flu.

“Unfortunately, the high number of cases makes it clear that special precautions are necessary,” Dutch Agriculture Minister Piet Adema said in a letter to the House of Commons, noting that several groups had died in the past two months. It added that there were outbreaks and that there were daily reports. They reported dead wild birds in various parts of Holland.

Although the risk to humans is considered low, previous outbreaks in livestock have required extensive culling programs to contain them.

“The bird flu virus has not disappeared from the Netherlands this summer and further migration will not improve the situation.”

More than 10 cases of bird flu were reported in the Netherlands last month.

France is also experiencing a resurgence of cases after experiencing its worst bird flu outbreak in history this year. The global spread of bird flu has caused concern to governments and the poultry industry due to its ability to devastate flocks, create trade barriers and cause human transmission.

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Source: Reuters

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