The number of pigs in early June 2022 was 9.61 million, a decrease of 1.42 million (-12.9%) from the previous year. Compared to December 2021, the number of pigs decreased by 631,200 (-6.2%).

Compared to June 2021, the number of breeding sows decreased by 128.8 thousand (-17.5%) to 606.4 thousand and the number of pregnant sows decreased by 89.3 thousand (-17.6%) to 417.6 thousand.

According to preliminary figures from January to June 2022, live pig imports were 3.23 million, down 5.4% year-on-year, piglet imports down 6%, and purebred pigs and sows imported. is 38.2%.

The average weight per imported head during this period was 35.4 kg compared to 32.7 kg in 2021.

The largest proportion of domestic pigs was held by the following federal states:
Greater Poland (35.6%), Mazovia (12.7%), Lodz (9.4%), Kujawi Pomeranian (9.3%).

The states with the lowest percentages were:
Podkarpackie (0.8%), Lubskie (0.9%), MaƂopolskie (1.0%).

The African Swine Fever (ASF) emergency is still ongoing. In the first half of 2022, the Chief Veterinary Inspector has recorded his five outbreaks in pigs, affecting 2,286 animals.

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Source: September 2022/ GUS/ Poland

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