More bird flu found in Chile

Chile has found strains of the H5N1 avian influenza virus in dead birds in the Valparaíso area, an area where poultry is produced. Protective measures are in place nationwide.

In Chile, as in several Latin American countries, he had a relapse of the disease via pelican in late 2022. However, prior to this recent discovery, outbreaks occurred in all low poultry production areas.

Chile was declared free of bird flu in early 2020. There are currently no reports of the virus invading backyards or livestock, but the country’s Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) is reporting increasing reports of sick or dead seabirds.

“Chile produced 675,162 tons of chicken and 71,614 tons of turkey meat in 2021. The country’s poultry exports are estimated to have increased by 11% to 214,000 tonnes in 2022, a 28% increase in value. Turkey’s meat exports may have increased by 25% to 30,000 tons.”

Human transmission to a 9 year old girl in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Ministry of Health has confirmed the first case of human transmission of bird flu in a 9-year-old girl in Bolivar province. This is a rare case of human infection, and she comes a month after an animal health emergency was declared in South America.

Ecuador declared a public health emergency in late November and issued an epidemiological alert in December. They documented cases in Cotopaxi and Bolivar, where thousands of birds were killed to contain the disease.

Bird flus’ migration pattern

Avian influenza has decimated poultry populations in Europe, Asia and North America since last year, including the United States, which reported its first human case last April.

After migrating from North and Central America, the bird flu virus entered the continent via Colombia and quickly reached Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. So far, no cases have been reported in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of commercial birds have been killed to stop the spread of disease, and millions more have died in the wild.

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