Poultry Consumption in China Expected to Increase.

As China’s zero-tolerance policy against Covid-19 remains in effect and large gatherings, conferences and other events are expected to continue to be canceled or postponed, increased consumption of poultry products will be affected.

However, the outbreak of African swine fever in China’s swine herds in 2018 and soaring pork prices have prompted many consumers to increase the proportion of poultry products in their daily diet, which remained the new normal, even as pork product prices declined in 2021 but started to climb again in 2022.

In 2023, domestic poultry consumption is expected to increase by 1%, as consumers are expected to continue incorporating more poultry products into their diets.

In the first half of 2022, exports of poultry products from China registered nearly 28% year-on-year growth. China’s poultry exports are expected to reach 575,000 tonnes in 2023 as Japan and Hong Kong resume normal operations and demand increases in new markets. Hong Kong is expected to continue to be the largest market for China’s fresh/chilled poultry and processed poultry product exports. Growth opportunities are expected from the EU, UK and Southeast Asian countries.

In 2023, China’s poultry meat product imports are expected to increase to his 750,000 tons. However, global animal diseases such as bird flu could stop this. The importation of poultry genetics remains uncertain for the same reason.

White broiler grandparent strains are mainly imported to China from the United States and New Zealand. US poultry imports are expected to be further constrained by the strong US dollar compared to other suppliers such as Brazil and domestic production.

Improved processing techniques and ready-to-eat poultry products have increased consumer interest in poultry products in China. Companies are expanding their food processing facilities and investing in the 3Rs, or technologies to produce ‘ready to eat’, ‘ready to cook’ and ‘ready to eat’ food.

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